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Attila Császári

System analyst tasks related to Bank backoffice systems (fisibility studies, requirement specification, logical planning, testing, task coordination) – areas so far: risk management, collection (workout), account keeping, document generation.

Bank datawarehouse Business analyst tasks (report specification, queries, testing).

Csaba Csepelényi

I possess university degrees in IT, Business-MBA and Economics studies. During my years long foreign work experiences I gained well-established knowledge and practise in the field of system development. I have been working in the bank sector since ten years. I had the chance to collect experiences in system development and organisation development work too, with special regard to account management and electronic channels. Furthermore, it should be noted that the scope of my knowledge has been widened since 2012 - I am gaining permanently additional knowledge about telecommunications skills in the field of my profession as OSS system supporter. I represent our company as a partner since 2006. My primary aim is to accomplish a successful and dynamic work-practise in harmony with the needs of our clients.

Tamás Horváth

I graduated as an informatics engineer on the Kálmán Kandó University, in software technology area. I studied and worked with core banking systems and in-house developments, their coupled systems from the beginning of my career. I specialized myself in Misys/Kapiti Equation. My main speciality is upgrading and implementing this core banking system and its core banking modules. (for example Equation Lending, Transaction Queue Manager) I used to work with another core banking systems, mainly on IBMi platform.

László Kovarik

I started programming in RGP language on IBM AS400 (iSeries) hardware in 1998. During my work I have had experience with different Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as BPCS, MOVEX or MIDAS used in IEB bank. Starting 2006 I have been working in Equation environment, where I participated in various upgrades, took part in the launch of the Retail lending module, I made developments in the InterGiro2 project and in a number of other areas of payment transactions. Besides programming I have also headed developer teams.

Iván Lengyel

I graduated as IT engineer in 1996. At the beginning of my career I worked as software developer, and project manager in the IT Department of Magyar Posta. I have been working in consulting business for roughly 15 years. Initially I turned around in several sectors, but I have been spending my everyday life in the banking sector since 2004. My main specialties are collection management system, accounting system, as well as front- end systems. I was involved in migration, system implementation and upgrade projects.

Vilmos Lipták

I help those clients, who take my advice in the lending, risk, workout, provisioning, IFRS and other banking areas.

Krisztián Matus

At the beginning of my career I worked with XBase systems in small business units. A couple of years later I became acquainted with the reporting and planning tools of Oracle application, the planning of relational database. and the use of SQL, PL/SQL in telecommunication area. In the first years of 2000 I started working on planning and developing of object oriented program and the solutions linked to it (UML, XML, JSP) in JAVA language. In the middle of the decade I was acquainted with system integration using SOAP. Later, working for a tobacco multinational company, I trained myself towars data warehouse and reporting them by using Oracle and Business Objects tools. The first bank in my carreer was Allianz Bank, where I got to use all my experience. Currently I work on system analysis and system integration in bank sector.

Ákos Mazán

In the last one and a half decade I was working in many areas of the IT sector mainly as a system analyst where gained useful knowledge. In this period I was doing document management in the banking sector, then at the IT security field I was an evangelist of the digital signature technology. Concerning to these areas I have contributed in diverse developments and implementation projects as a system analyst, tester and instructor in order to implement our Customers ideas. I have joined to the Company in 2007 to help our Customers to reach their goals and to solve their emerged problems in a creative way.

Viktor Pataki

After graduating at the University of Szeged faculty of economics I started working in the business line as an accouning analyst at Generali Insurance Company. As I interested in IT I switched to system analyst job and spent 8 years in more bank companies (K&H, Raiffeisen, CIB) major tasks in analysing front-end and back-end banking applications. In the last few years I had the opportunity to work as a project manager and Scrum Master.

György Szepcsik

I have finished my studies in 1988 as programmer and mathematician at KLTE, Debrecen.

Since that I have working as developer and team leader, mainly at the telecommunication and banking sector.

My strengths in keywords: system integration, planning applications and databases, PL/SQL, Oracle, Visual Basic, WebSphere MQ, XSD, XML, UML planning tools (e.g. Rational Rose).

Tamás Tényi

I graduated on the Budapest Universíty of Economics in 1996. During my last universíty year I joined Deloitte’s management consulting department and were involved mainly in bank controlling projects. After two years I joined BNP-Dresdner Bank where I got the possibility to create one of the first client / product level controlling system in the country. I’ve been working as consultant since 2001 mainly in the financial sector. In my projects I dealt with Controlling, BI, Back Office systems and most recently I worked with workflow and document management solutions.

Péter Nemes

I graduated as IT engineer, I wrote my thesis about implementing a route planning algorithm. I have been working in the IT sector since 1995 and since 2006 as a consultant.

In the early years of my career I worked as programmer, later as senior software developer and operations manager for development, and participated in developing information systems in different fields of business. In this period, I had also gained several years of experience in database design and development.

As a consultant, I have spent my years in the Bank sector mainly as business analyst and leader of smaller development projects. My key fields of knowledge are loans and retail risk management. I have specialized knowledge and significant experience regarding core banking system Misys/Kapiti Equation, with particular regard to its integration with other information systems in a bank’s IT environment.

Orsolya Ambrusch

I graduated at the Széchenyi István University of Győr in 2005 in Technical Informatics. From the beginning of my career I was working in the financial sector, and since 2008 I have been working as consultant in different IT projects of Hungarian financial institutions. During my career, I was mainly in contact with the retail clientele, especially in the field of loaning and debt collection. As a business analyst and system designer, I participated in the design and development of front-end applications, and due to my experience I have been able to assist several times in migration, testing and education as well. In recent years, I have been involved in projects which were developed in the agile methodology, and during the design work I had the opportunity to use UML design tools (Enterprise Architect, Rational products).

István Pataki

I started programming on IBM AS400 (iSeries) hardware mainly in banking environment in 1996. I have been part of lots of bank system (Midas, Core2, Equation). From 2000 I have had experince in Equation environment. During my work I took part in the launch of Equation system (K&H Bank), system upgrades (K&H, Raiffeisen), account management, payment transaction. Among application development I complete tasks in system administration, system analysis.

Arnold Steuer

I graduated as IT engineer in 2008. Following a short period in the automotive industry, I have been working for Hungarian Bank sector more than 13 years in various positions in business and IT side (business analyst, system analyst, test manager, business project manager and advisor). My major tasks: migration, system upgrade, test management, project coordination and system implementation.

Hektor Villarroel

During my career as consultant of over 20 years, I have, under the scope of classical advisory, been involved in the fields of various strategy creations, organisational and process development projects and the implementation of several system introductory projects with large size companies. During the past 13 years, my focus areas of work included the creation and introduction of systems for supporting processes of banking, crediting and risk management as project manager, test manager and organiser and lead-organiser.

Csaba Surányi

I am a graduated Economist and IT professional. My career began in the field of company financing and was shortly followed by the field of IT. I carried the development of company management systems and then I worked in the position of IT Consultant. I have had over ten years of experience in designing bank informatics systems, management and, occasionally, in their development. I have been involved in the creation of back-end functionalities as well as in setting up front-end solutions and system integration. Having gained experience with several migration projects, I am also familiar with the field of databases. I prefer new, innovative tasks, technology and all ”untried paths”.

Ottó Kovács

I completed my studies in higher education in 1996; I graduated as an IT organizer engineer. I was interested in IT and economics, so I began my professional career in the banking sector, where these two areas were intertwined.

In the years that have passed since, I turned to many big domestic commercial banks (K&H, Erste, CIB, Raiffeisen) and worked for 3 years at the National Bank of Hungary.

I have performed in several roles as consultant (system engineer, business analyst, process manager, IT group leader) in various back-end, front-end and migration projects (eg account management system implementation, bank card, CITI bank retail business migration). During my work, I followed every step of the entire application development lifecycle from business needs assessment through feasibility study through system planning, test script writing and testing, and go-live implementation.

With the experience gained over the years I wish to further assist in the effective implementation of our existing and future Customers' development needs.

Péter Horvátth

I was graduated as an Economist from the Economy Informatics faculty of the university.

I have been working in the bank sector since 2005 filling positions of business analysis and system management with HVB, Volksbank, Raiffeisen és Erste Banks.

I have been involved in various projects including the fields of treasury, investment, risk management, soft collection and credit cards. Since 2011, I have mainly been specialised in the fields of treasury and investments.

István Viczián

More than one and half decade experience in IT system integration, both in the telecom (Telia-Sonera Sweden, Deutsche Telekom, Magyar Telekom) and banking sector (Morgan Stanley, Budapest Bank, CIB Bank, Sberbank). I have broadened my professional experience in different type of projects, such as cloud computing infrastructure design and building, base network services centralisation and integration, upgrade of telecom billing systems, renewal of core banking services.

Viktor Tolnai

I work on electronic channels since 1999; I have had due experience in all layers of its scope by now including business analysis, software architecture design, software development or consultation with all respective areas. Since I have experience on many aspects of digital channel development, front-end development, component integration, user experience matters would not mean an issue for I am familiar with all those as well.

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