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Basel II, Basel III Reporting System

Our team shapes up the Basel Reporting System according to the application infrastructure of the given Bank.

The System receives the incoming data from the source systems, performs the needed calculations and produces the reports eligible for the formal requirements specified by MNB.

The System archives all incoming data, running and business parameters moroever the partial results of the calculations, for supporting the traceability by the specialists of the Bank and the auditing Supervision.

At the planning phase of the System we give on-demand assistance for the definition of the Business Requirements.


Our company is prepared for implementing international financial reporting standards (IFRS) introduction, additionally IAS39/IFRS9.

We help support our customers with consultancy, business analysis, determination of business requirements.

Our colleagues wide range experience covers the IFRS affected business areas in financial sector (Accounting, Controlling, BI, Reporting).

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