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Csaba Varga

I have graduated 20 years ago as an engineer at Information Tachnology. I have started my carreer as a software developer at an ERP system. 15 years ago I started to manage projects. Since then, I have gained experiances on Telecommunication and Financial Services areas, both as project and organizational leader. Currently I am eager to fulfill our Client's requests at account management and bankcard development areas, managing their projects in effectively.

Zoltán Zámori

Following ten years of production control, process automation an quality management industrial and university teaching experience from 1991 I have almost exclusively worked in the financial services industry. Until 2009 as a Deloitte consultant and since then via my own businesses and ABCi I have been working in this sector. Value based development and the integration of these projects into the organizations via change management are my specific area of expertise.

Tibor Nagy

He has graduated from BDGMF in 1977.

He started his carrier as system analyst at Hungarian Airlines in 1977.

Since 1995, as an employee of various Hungarian banks, he was doing management, consulting and project leading tasks for the Hungarian financial sector and lately in 2008 as a member of ABCi Ltd.

Tamás Winterstein

Following my graduation from the Budapest University of Economics, I spent almost a decade working for Deloitte in Central-Europe, the Middle-East and North America. Specializing in risk management, controlling systems, corporate finance and reorganizations, I have primarily participated in projects for international financial institutions and large corporations. As a member of the ABCi team, I have been working as project manager for European banks and their Hungarian and regional subsidiaries for the past ten years.

István Elek

I graduated as a ”MSc. Computer Science, Systems and Software Engineer” and later as a Bank Computer Scientist, in addition, I am an ”ITIL Expert” and ”PMP”.

Before I joint to the consulting industry I used to work for IT in the bank sector. For almost 7 years I had been number one responsible leader for IT operation of MKB Bank and for 3 years I had led the IT development directory.

During my over ten years as project manager, I have been involved in many critical implementations, consolidations, process transformations and cost reductions.

Pál Viczián

I was graduated from the University of Szeged as an MSC program designer mathematician in 1995. I started my career at MNB and then I worked as software and test engineer for Ericsson. Later on, I managed one of the Ericsson’s development platforms in Stockholm. Meanwhile I took part in the development of number of national lottery and sports betting systems as lead test engineer in Germany, Australia and Israel. I was the Chief Quality Officer of GIRO for 10 years. My duties included – in addition to QA management – leading the project supervisory and change management board, business continuity and risk management functions of GIRO. I have been board member of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) Budapest Chapter since 2015.

Szabolcs Szelei

I was graduated from the Budapest University of Economics in 1999. I started my career in 1998 at Dorsum ZRt as a security market expert and then, from 2000, I supported the introduction of back office, investment and deposit management systems as project manager in Hungarian banks and security market companies.

From 2003, I gained further experiences in the fields of health care and finances as project and program manager working on the projects of large multinational companies in the fields of business and IT in Central Europe, Germany and in the GCC region. With 17 years of experience as project manager and 5 year experience as program manager, I currently lead special banking projects in the fields of treasury and risk as senior project manager.

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