Test Management, Testing

With faster-than-light spread of information in case of bad customer experience and by operating in an almost non-stop available, globalized business environment, large organizations are focusing more and more on Software Quality with the help of Testers and Test Managers. Professional Testers and Test Managers are helping organizations in many ways:

  • Design Test Cases and Test Steps for tracable and measurable test sessions.
  • Perform the previously designed manual tests.
  • Work as a Test Manager by actively coordinating the daily work of testers, checking the availability of test environments and test data and making sure that every found bug is visible to the developers.
  • Write automated tests for Web Services, Web-based application UI tests, etc.

Advocate Business Consulting's ISTQB-certified Software Testers and Test Managers can help the organization improve Software Quality with their 10+ years of experience in the field of testing and test management.

Testing Services

Act as a Test Manager, coordinating and suporting tests

Design Tests and Test Cases, capturing them in a Testing Tool

Perform and Capture Manual Tests

Design, Write and Evaluate Automated Tests

Perform post go-live bug investigation and reproduction

Help developers understand discovered bugs

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